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"I'm ready to discover my next best chapter!"

You are not alone.
There is a group of like-minded women turning their Midlife Crisis (because that's what it is) into their Midlife Transformation.

It's My Time Now

bring you peace & happiness

The Goals and dreams that will

NOW is the right time to pursue


Really, it's beyond frustrating.

You're smart. You're talented.

You know there has to be more to life than this.

you're not ready to coast.

Feel familiar?

"I've forgotten what makes me, me."

"I feel busy, but not fulfilled."

"I don't know what i want my next chapter to look like."

"where do i fit in my children's lives now that they're older? They need me...then they don't.

"i feel lost."

"my marriage feels dead."

"how do i prioritize me, my family and aging parents?"

"i hate the way i look."

"am i too old to go back to work or start a business?"

But when did it start to feel like such a struggle?



As far as i know, we only get one shot at this thing called 

I put my 20 years of professional advisory expertise and my own personal experience thriving in Midlife into an easy-to-follow program so that you can do the same.

24 LESSON MODULES  that progress and build to help you create a clear action plan for your next chapter.

UNIQUE PROPRIETARY TOOLS delivered online and explained with clear videos. 

WEEKLY COACHING CALLS to answer your questions, teach new concepts and synthesize information covered in the module exercises.

A COMMUNITY OF LIKE-MINDED WOMEN facing the same challenges you are and making inspiring progress every week.

There's a solution:
Midlife re•imagined, design your next best chapter

You are not alone...

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Midlife Re•Imagined helps you create the life you want and deserve. Life is a gift. It should be fun and purposeful. If your days bleed one into the other, it's time to shake things up.

you go to sleep each night knowing that you lived your day to its fullest

Fair warning: Midlife Re•Imagined is full of tough love. Here's your first dose: it's you, not them. Your unhappiness is poisoning your relationships. Midlife Re•Imagined gives you a fresh perspective and tools to respond differently to life's challenges. By improving your state of mind, you can change dynamics. 

you are the source of peace, calm and happiness in your household

Midlife Re•Imagined helps you build your confidence and self-esteem to embrace the person you are, not some fiction sold to you by photoshopped images. Building sustainable habits allows you to become the best version of yourself.

you know you are doing everything in your power to feel healthy and grateful for the body you have

What's the point of getting up early if there's really nothing you want to do? Midlife Re•Imagined helps you craft a plan for a life you look forward to living.

you wake up each morning with a plan and a purpose

By Midlife, we've had a lifetime of learning self sabotaging bad habits. Midlife Re•Imagined gives you tools to help you get out of your own way.

Your life is rich and full of learning, productivity, organization and fun

Midlife Re•Imagined shows you how to start adding activities that improve your life right away. And not just cookie cutter suggestions, but activities that you uncover as important to you.

You've gone from feeling stuck and frustrated to invigorated

Imagine what it's going to feel like when...

The biggest mistake women make in Midlife is thinking they have to wipe the slate clean.

Uncover what's working in your life now and how to incorporate more of it. There's so much good in your life. Promise. 

Learn proprietary tools that guide you through the entire process. These tools will be lifelong skills to manage any transition.

Take a frank inventory of your life and start identifying areas of importance that need attention.

You Are Here

phase 1

Get brutal about the things, activities and people stopping you from enjoying your life to its fullest.

Learn how to productively triage the detractors and minimize activities that don't contribute to the vision you have for your life.

Reconnect with you essential self and learn how to listen to the guidance and wisdom you already have inside.

Uncover aspirations and desires you've buried and start to incorporate activities that increase your happiness.

The Answer Is Inside

phase 2

Dream big and feel empowered to make those dreams a reality. Your work so far will unleash freedom and creativity.

Create multiple scenarios with possible elements that fulfill a vision you have for your life.

Craft plans with elements to support areas of your life important to you.

Learn proprietary planning and project tools that show you step by step how to turn your dreams into reality.

Dream Big

Phase 3

Shift your enthusiasm, optimism, sense of purpose and level of engagement into drive.

Hone in on your specific blueprint that clearly lays out your next chapter based on your personal highest priorities.

Craft specific goals with actionable steps and a realistic and achievable time frame for reaching those goals.

"Graduate" with a concrete plan for creating a fulfilling and purposeful life.

Refine & Document Your Plan

phase 4

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inside the program, you'll find...

"...about what so many of us are experiencing in Midlife. She does so in such a smart, witty, and practical way. And VERY entertaining to. "

"kimberly shares interesting and important kernels of truth..."

" Her words are so inspirational. Her quick wit and sense of humor are an added bonus'

"Kimberly makes me want to do more, to be more, in my midlife."

She has a great way of sharing her insights without ever sounding preachy. You can tell she wants us all to succeed."

"as a woman well over 40, i really appreciate kimberly's voice.

MIDLIFE RE•IMAGINED IMPROVES your key relationships. Midlife is a challenging time for marriages, kids leaving home and aging parents. This program helps you reset and rebuild your family dynamics.


MIDLIFE RE•IMAGINED GIVES YOU TOOLS to create an actionable plan. This is not cookie cutter. You determine the most critical areas of your life and build a plan that  fits your personal needs.


MIDLIFE RE•IMAGINED TEACHES YOU HOW TO LISTEN and validate your innermost needs and desires. You have a lifetime of valuable experiences to draw on. It's time to give yourself some credit.


my mission is to help you craft the life you want and deserve

what midlife re•imagined, design your next best chapter teaches you

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create the life you want and deserve! You're not too old and it's not too late.

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